The Super Nature of Science…

In our last dialogue we broached the subject of the possibility of a Fifth State of Existence, the known four being solids, plasmas, liquids and gases. At this point we will now refer to this new potential area as a 5SE, and an occurrences in which there is a chance of this happening we can call a 5SE Event. It helps to have conversations when there is an established and accepted terminology. On we go.

For centuries and beyond humankind has known there is more to what we normally perceive as everyday life. The burial sites of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon peoples have been discovered with plant and animal offerings, and there can be no argument as to the afterlife beliefs of the Egyptians. Many more examples could be cited but there are other reference works to catalogue them. The point is that we as human beings know there is something beyond our limited life spans but it somehow got hijacked and distorted in one direction by organized religion (I give Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Shinto a pass on this one, they actually have it pretty correct. Notice which ones are left? I’ll let you do the deductive reasoning and process of elimination) and out right dismissed as preposterous buffoonery by organized science.

This forum is not meant to rehash all of the old and stale arguments that we always seem to have when it comes down to the contest between faith and facts. I’ve have yet to meet a member of the science camp who is not in some way atheistic while most on the other side more often than not have the blind tunnel vision that is so frustrating to converse with. In stating that I will fire off this comment;

       To think that we are nothing more than electricity, carbon and water is arrogant and to believe that dinosaurs walked with men is ignorant.

Now that I’ve offended everyone equally we can move on because fossil records and math don’t lie and mortally wounded people suddenly see the light when the expiration date on their life comes due.

With all of the eye witness accounts, audio, visual, temperature and barometric recordings and reams of empirical (yes, I said empirical,) evidence there is enough material to start laying a foundation for theories, so let’s start, and remember what I said in the first article about not believing a phenomenon just occurred does not make it less real.

There has been much discussion and skepticism on the recent interest in those circular anomalies that show up in photographs, commonly called orbs. While a majority of the photos do indeed show something that a believer wants to be an orb, it usually is just dust, snow, rain, blurry flying insects, you get the idea, and this is what the detractors and doubters use as their argument. However, there are some that show a very distinct and coherent spherical 5SE event (see how easy that was to just throw in there?)

Not to say that the orbs themselves are spirits, ghosts or phantoms but they have shown up in random photographs of purportedly haunted locations or graveyards and other places with so called “higher spirt energy levels” (we are now approaching that slippery slope of being lumped in with the well –meaning but overly whimsical crowd that always seem to have an opinion on the evening news about some local paranormal sighting. They are hard to take seriously and should keep away from the cameras except for when they are being interviewed about legalizing marijuana or how to join a drum circle at the park on Earth Day).

With a background in radio communications, radar frequencies, antenna systems and atmospheric effects I devised a fledgling hypotheses regarding the imagery of orbs that is sometimes hard to reconcile but is nonetheless a part of our world. In the next section we will go down the rabbit hole and take a look at the Super-Nature of Science.


The Fifth State of Existence…

In the first part of this ongoing series I laid the basic groundwork for the preconceived ideas we as a species have of the world around us (and the immediate vicinity of our star system, the Oort Cloud, the Orion arm, our galaxy,etc….). Knowing what we know seems to satisfy most of us, but there is more, a lot more. So let’s continue down this road, but just to let you know it may be a bit bumpy at times and uncomfortable, maybe a little dangerous but in the end it will be worth it.

Most of us in the Western world are brought up with Christianity in its many forms. I am always amazed to hear a conversation along the lines of religion when it comes to how people view their own faith. A Mormon may be surprised to know that a Catholic or Baptist considers themselves Christians but those of the Latter Day Saints are not real believers because somehow it is different. I usually have to interject and remind those involved that whether it is Lutheran, Episcopalian, 7th Day Adventist, or Methodist it all falls under the umbrella of Christianity. The quiet and stunned look is the usual response as I walk away.

I am no theologian but I know enough to see how someone can be a very good person but extremely limited in what they think is possible because they were always taught a certain thing and never to question what was handed down over centuries and re-written who knows how many times. A good example is my aunt who has always been a very devout and faithful woman but prayed for my soul when I told her of my first fictional book of short stories with a supernatural folklore theme. Now, this comes from someone who has no problem with the legendary saga of buring bushes, a staff turning into a cobra and the epic feat of parting a sea. The gates of Hell await me, I’m sure.

Now let’s move on to another but related area. I believe in something beyond what I am aware of. I know it’s there, its omnipotent, that it has no limitations (this is where the knowledge of science and especially astronomy reinforce how naïve it is to think the All Powerful looks like us) and it permeates everything. I never walk alone when I’m hiking the open desert or running along a beach, because I know it’s there. The organic containers we call bodies are a mere limited vessel to carry us about while we are here in this life, but the electricity, the life force itself does not go away when the body shuts off. This I know to be true. Ask anyone who has ever lost a loved one, (and most of us have,) and they will tell you that their recently deceased is not really gone, just not here. There is a difference, and if you have to ask the question “How is it different”?, then this series may not be for you.

Establishing the baseline that the spirit, the soul, the force of whatever we are is a vibrant, enduring and resilient entity, let’s go a little further. Nothing can ever be truly destroyed, it can only change its state of matter, whether it be a liquid, solid, gas or a plasma (flame, lightning, sparks). This has been taught for decades and it is a known fact, but what if there is another state, one that we can only on the rarest of occasions perceive and detect? What if there is a non-physical intelligent and sentient state that is activated once the human (or other life form) body is no longer needed or taken away? Hmmmm….

Being a distinct possibility this now raises the question of so called life after death and interaction with that non-physical phenomenon we have come to believe might be the spirit of someone or something that is no longer here but resides in the fifth state of existence.


What is real…

I know we have all had those moments of synchronicity, déjà vu’ and premonition that appear to be mere happenstance or accidental coincidence. We can shrug them off as imaginative musings or an over active sub conscious but I disagree with that accepted notion. Everyone of us has the ability to perceive more than what we have been told is possible.

As bipedal life forms of the primate nature we walk upright and gather information from our environment through the five physiological senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. We can see only a limited portion of the visible spectrum and hear frequencies within a certain range, but there is more to our world than what we normally think.

Let’s remember that canines are sensitive to sounds beyond our capability, owls can hunt at night due to their adapted arrangement of rods and cones in their eyes, migrating birds use subtle magnetic changes in the earth to navigate and fish sense pressure changes by a lateral organ.

Having said that as a preface that is scientifically proven, we can safely say that there are certain events which occur that we as Homo sapiens sapiens may not realize are happening because we cannot detect them. Does this mean they are not real? Of course not.

Because something happens seemingly outside of our range of sensory ability does not make it imaginary or false. It only means that we have a limited perspective. How about the moment we have seen a family pet stare at something in the corner of a room, following an apparent invisible motion? We look and pass it off as nothing to be concerned about and get back to whatever reality show is on cable, giving it no more thought. However, that animal probably didn’t wake up that morning and decide to pull a prank on you by acting like it’s watching something that wasn’t there. The cat was looking at something you couldn’t see.

Years ago I coined a phrase: “There is nothing supernatural, only laws of physics we don’t understand yet “. Being a science enthusiast and an amateur history buff I know there has happened time and again through humankind’s history where an unknown phenomenon was witnessed and immediately disqualified as not possible because of what was known of our world at the time of the event. Upon investigation with an open mind and a touch of humility, the darkness was pushed back a little further and our ancestors began to see more of the light of understanding. Yes, there is hope for us.

At one point in our recent past the effects of electricity, magnetism, auroral displays and barometric changes would have been considered fringe science, the occult, witchcraft or even ‘the work of the Devil’ (and this I will devote a whole entire section to, hopefully not offending those of the Christian faith). Much damage has been done to the study of paranormal research by tabloids, charlatans, Victorian parlor tricks and shysters, and this is unfortunate indeed. Make mention of iconic subjects such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Reincarnation, UFO’s and Ghosts in a social setting and watch the eyes roll, listen to the bad jokes and take in all of the comments about how none of that is real because science or the Church say’s so.

The puzzling thing about this usual response is that it comes from those very same good citizens who swear by the validity of the third planet being less than 10,000 years old, how a talking snake tricked one of two people on earth into eating an apple and the well-known story of a crucified and dead individual coming back to life after three days of being entombed in a cave. (see, I told you I was going to go there, more on that later).

While I respect the opinions of others I also expect that they ponder with an open mind the possibilities of what we don’t know and what is real.