The Symmetry of the Spheres…

V= 4/3 x 3.14 x radius cubed

f   = c/λ

Looks boring doesn’t it? Maybe to some, but I wanted to start with those because they are relevant to our next section here. The top one is the equation for finding the volume of a sphere, and the lower is the equation for determining frequency, where f = frequency, c = the speed of light and λ = wavelength. Most of us never use either unless we are building some type of containment vessel or designing waveguide for a radar system, both of which we are not doing here but we can use them just the same.

Between the highest microwave frequencies (cell phones, radio links) and visible light there lies the infra-red region, just below the red wavelengths we can see. Cell phones use frequencies in the Giga hertz region (1,000,000,000 cycles per second) and the common television remote uses a light emitting diode that transmits in the Tera hertz region (1,000,000,000,000 cycles per second). The news footage of night time military operations use optical devices that have a spectral response (sensitivity) that will, among other advantages, detect infra-red light such as IR spotting lasers, IR emergency beacons and IR flashlights that are invisible to the naked eye.

Having some experience with night vision devices that come equipped with an IR (Infra-Red) illuminator that is used to spotlight a focused IR beam, I observed a similarity to the appearance of the illuminator against the back wooden fence and the orbs captured on both conventional and digital images in that there is a spherical and transparent spot that is lighter than its’ surroundings – a coherent circle that you can see through, in other words. This was an initial observation, and being curious about the similarity a possible theory began to develop (and remember what we discussed earlier about someone being curious about a phenomenon and developing a series of tests and explanations? All sceptics and doubters out there are reminded again that just because you can’t explain an event doesn’t make it any less real). So onward we go.

A little more research into this and I discovered there is quite a bit of night vision footage from security cameras or amateur ghost-hunters in which there are indeed what appears to be circular drifting, stopping and disappearing orb like shapes that seemingly pass through solid objects or around people with no reaction from the person. Now we have an unknown event which is being consistently caught on still cameras and motion sensitive optical devices from various locations and all bearing an almost identical appearance and invisible (at least in our limited visible spectrum) at the time the photos were taken. With no obvious physical effects of heat, light, detection by animals or interference with electronic devices, it began to dawn on me that we might be witnessing a form of low- power yet extremely high frequency aspect of the electromagnetic spectrum that we have not detected before, or if we did it was written off as dust, rain, insects, etc. The hunt was on.

A direct correlation exists between frequency and wavelength λ; the higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength is between the crests and troughs of a wave form and lower frequencies have longer wavelengths,( you get the idea). It doesn’t matter if it is low frequency sounds that whales use or the higher frequencies of a bats echolocation, the principle is the same and applies to electronic radio emissions through visible light up to X and Gamma rays. Amplitude Modulation uses variations in signal strength at a constant frequency, Frequency Modulation uses variations in the wavelength/frequency of the waveform, and Phase Shift Keying works by basically interrupting the constant phase of a signal whenever a signal is transmitted or stopped. But what if there is another type of modulation, one that could possibly explain the orb phenomenon that now seems to be related to a spectrum that we as human beings cannot see but infra-red devices can? Let me introduce the isotropic radiator and how this falls in with the symmetry of the spheres.


The Perception of Possibilities…


Ahhh science. What is it exactly? By most definitions it is the study of all things provable by repeated measurements, so let’s go with that for now. At one point someone was curious about something they witnessed and went about the business of finding methods to explain what they were curious about. They would have started with some type of assumption ( and no, I don’t want to hear that tired out tongue- in- cheek comment about assumptions) and began the hypothesis process and after numerous trials and errors would have found what worked and what didn’t. Once success was achieved in proving their theory it was then shared with peers and colleagues, reviewed and if repeatable enough times could then become a fact.

We left off with a discussion of the orb phenomenon in photos, and this is where we resume, but a quick bit of background information would be helpful.

Ten years ago I embarked on an art project in my backyard with the intent of creating a gateway or the conditions for a type of opening or portal to the unseen side of life. I wanted to use geometric shapes with the growing medium of crop plants that have been the staple of humankind since the inception of agriculture, namely wheat and corn. In a reverse crop circle kind of way, I wanted to attain the visual effect of a circular, triangular or semi-circular patch of growing plants with shallow canals around them for water and a focal point where I would have a circular fire pit. All told it was an attempt at bringing together the elements of earth, air fire and water in a pleasing aesthetic manner.

I worked with nothing but my hands, a shovel and a hose as I shaped the mud into earthen berms and planted the seeds in the damp soil by the ancient method of using the fingers to poke a hole then dropping the seeds in. My goal of what I wanted to accomplish was always on my mind as I worked my intent into the ground itself, much in the way that someone prays, wishes or performs spells to attain a desired outcome. I wasn’t sure what would happen or how it would work but I was confident it would do something more than being a conversation piece.

It was during a Halloween get together one night when a few pictures were taken of the usual normalcy, people standing around with drinks or that type of thing. Upon developing the film and looking through them (I didn’t have a digital camera yet) I noticed a few anomalies in the night shots, namely the appearance of circular spots in random places, at times transparent enough where you could see the fence or grass behind them. No one appeared to be aware of anything, not even our dog. I did some research and began to learn of this not uncommon effect in photos, usually taken by amateur ghost hunters throughout the world. Interesting……

Throughout the fall and winter I went through twelve different disposal cameras as I photographed the area of the yard where my art project resided. I would vary the make of the camera; Kodak, Fuji or some other off-brand and also purchase ones with different film speeds, even finding a black and white model. I would take two or three consecutive shots in the same position with only the recharge time of the capacitor for the flash dictating the time interval between exposures. What I began to see was definitely a trending pattern where I would capture an orb, several orbs or a plain vaporous mist (no, it wasn’t my exhaled breath either, I would make sure to hold it just for that purpose of not mistaking it for something else.) in a location above or close to the various parts of the artistic earthworks.

When spring came along I re-worked the pattern of the project, changed it up a bit with some new geometry and planted again. When I upgraded to a digital camera and began new photo shoots, it soon became apparent there was indeed a repeatable event that opened the perception of possibilities.