What is real…

I know we have all had those moments of synchronicity, déjà vu’ and premonition that appear to be mere happenstance or accidental coincidence. We can shrug them off as imaginative musings or an over active sub conscious but I disagree with that accepted notion. Everyone of us has the ability to perceive more than what we have been told is possible.

As bipedal life forms of the primate nature we walk upright and gather information from our environment through the five physiological senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. We can see only a limited portion of the visible spectrum and hear frequencies within a certain range, but there is more to our world than what we normally think.

Let’s remember that canines are sensitive to sounds beyond our capability, owls can hunt at night due to their adapted arrangement of rods and cones in their eyes, migrating birds use subtle magnetic changes in the earth to navigate and fish sense pressure changes by a lateral organ.

Having said that as a preface that is scientifically proven, we can safely say that there are certain events which occur that we as Homo sapiens sapiens may not realize are happening because we cannot detect them. Does this mean they are not real? Of course not.

Because something happens seemingly outside of our range of sensory ability does not make it imaginary or false. It only means that we have a limited perspective. How about the moment we have seen a family pet stare at something in the corner of a room, following an apparent invisible motion? We look and pass it off as nothing to be concerned about and get back to whatever reality show is on cable, giving it no more thought. However, that animal probably didn’t wake up that morning and decide to pull a prank on you by acting like it’s watching something that wasn’t there. The cat was looking at something you couldn’t see.

Years ago I coined a phrase: “There is nothing supernatural, only laws of physics we don’t understand yet “. Being a science enthusiast and an amateur history buff I know there has happened time and again through humankind’s history where an unknown phenomenon was witnessed and immediately disqualified as not possible because of what was known of our world at the time of the event. Upon investigation with an open mind and a touch of humility, the darkness was pushed back a little further and our ancestors began to see more of the light of understanding. Yes, there is hope for us.

At one point in our recent past the effects of electricity, magnetism, auroral displays and barometric changes would have been considered fringe science, the occult, witchcraft or even ‘the work of the Devil’ (and this I will devote a whole entire section to, hopefully not offending those of the Christian faith). Much damage has been done to the study of paranormal research by tabloids, charlatans, Victorian parlor tricks and shysters, and this is unfortunate indeed. Make mention of iconic subjects such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Reincarnation, UFO’s and Ghosts in a social setting and watch the eyes roll, listen to the bad jokes and take in all of the comments about how none of that is real because science or the Church say’s so.

The puzzling thing about this usual response is that it comes from those very same good citizens who swear by the validity of the third planet being less than 10,000 years old, how a talking snake tricked one of two people on earth into eating an apple and the well-known story of a crucified and dead individual coming back to life after three days of being entombed in a cave. (see, I told you I was going to go there, more on that later).

While I respect the opinions of others I also expect that they ponder with an open mind the possibilities of what we don’t know and what is real.


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